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Lex bet $1,000,000 of his own money to teach complete novices how to make money trading. Not only did they make money, they outperformed the market...
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You too can learn how to trade.

The only program in the world run by a real hedge fund manager. Learn how Lex approaches the market based on his twenty-plus years of successful trading.

"His product and his methodology are a proven means of how to trade and how to effectively make money"

Sven Miserey
Sven Miserey


Who is Lex van Dam, and what will he teach me during the video series?

Lex van Dam is one of Europe’s most highly regarded hedge fund managers and also the creator of BBC Television’s Million Dollar Traders series. In more than 20 years of professional trading he has seen it all, having held the position of head of proprietary trading at Goldman Sachs and GLG partners, before setting up his own hedge fund where he continues to trade.

Having traded everything from crude oil to currencies, and Coca-Cola shares to credit default swaps, Lex is perhaps the most experienced trader to teach his methods to the public. The Academy was founded following thousands of emails that Lex received following the BBC TV series from people wanting to learn the same methods that he taught the novices before backing them with $1 million of his own money.

The Million Dollar Traders online course teaches Lex’s proven 5-Step-Trading® process applied to stocks, currencies, commodities, technical trading strategies and economic analysis in one comprehensive programme.

As you progress through the course you will gain a better understanding of how professional investors like Lex approach the markets and begin to develop your own style of trading using his framework. Crucially you will be equipped to recognize and adapt when market conditions change, and take advantage of trading opportunities that other strategies cannot possibly prepare you for.

What will I learn during the course?

The course teaches everything you need to know about stocks, currencies, commodities, economic analysis and technical trading strategies using Lex’s proven 5-Step-Trading® method.

The five steps include Idea Generation, Fundamental Analysis,Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology and Risk Management, and are applied to each market. You can find an overview of each of these videos here.

As you begin to learn the process for one market, you will find that the framework makes it easier to understand the other markets that may be new to you. This makes the course approachable for beginners whilst accelerating the development process for more experienced investors.

Having learned how a real hedge fund manager approaches the markets, by the end of the course you will be fully prepared to invest on a personal basis or pursue a career as a professional trader.

How does Lex’s course differ from other educators courses?

At the Academy we take great pride in what we produce and have absolute confidence in the methods we teach. Unlike other educators, we don't overpromise or make unsubstantiated claims or the sole purpose of selling courses. To the contrary, our priority is to deliver the techniques that Lex believes are relevant to today’s market and produce successful traders based on his 20-plus years as a professional investor.

The process that we teach in the course is unique to Lex and is not available anywhere else. It delivers a comprehensive understanding of each major market including stocks, currencies and commodities, with specialist modules in macroeconomic analysis and technical trading strategies. In Lex’s experience as a hedge fund manager, it is no longer sufficient to have knowledge of only one market in isolation if you are to generate consistent returns in increasingly sophisticated markets.

This will also help you to adapt when markets change and take advantage of opportunities that following a single strategy or system would not allow.

For these reasons we believe we are unique and deliver the best education available for anyone looking to become a more successful trader and investor. To preview exactly what we cover in the course click here.

Does Lex’s process focus more on short-term trading or longer-term portfolio management?

Whilst many courses teach only one style of trading, to endure as a successful investor Lex believes that you need to be prepared to adapt to any market environment. For this reason he teaches both shorter-term trading strategies and a portfolio-based approach within the course. The course focuses more time on medium to long-term investing, given that short-term opportunities tend to occur less frequently and aren’t apparent for as long.

In summary, the course teaches a combination of these methods and emphasizes the importance of developing your own approach so that you aren’t dependent on any strategy in isolation.

What is your refund policy?

We understand the importance of choosing the right course for your needs and it is our priority to ensure that each of our students benefit from our training. With this in mind, we have made it absolutely clear to see exactly what you are going to get with us before you buy the course. If however you change your mind after paying for the course, you can apply for a full refund by contacting us within 14 days of purchase provided you have not used the product. Please kindly note the processing payment gateways charge transaction fees and currency conversion fees which you should expect will be deducted when you request a refund. For more information, please refer to Stripe.

For further information please refer to our full terms & conditions.

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