"Being stuck at home between March thru the end of May was not fun, especially as I watched my portfolio take a massive hit, to the point where I sold almost everything, only to see things make a dramatic turnaround and recoup nearly all of my losses, and now, everything seems to be in a state of flux... Fortunately, Lex and James have provided some useful pointers on what to expect and helped me make sense out of all this chaos..."

Douglas - LVDTA Member via FB, 12 June 2020

“This is a great website for those looking to break into looking after their own capital. I believe you have done a wonderful job and the Real Vision crowd will benefit greatly. I will recommend this to clients that are looking at exploring to trade on their own.”

Shawn - LVDTA Member, 16 June 2020

“I’ve been through all the videos in the Trading Club & the Course. They are extremely valuable and easy to understand.”

Chris - LVDTA Member, 22 May 2020

"I have learnt a ton from MDT."

Mark - MDT and Trading Club Member
"I signed up for the Lex Van Dam Trading Academy in May 2020 and it has literally changed my life. The knowledge gained from this course is invaluable. I am currently up enough (in my trading account) to pay off the cost of the course… Plus a nice profit on top of that! The skill and strategies taught throughout this course are evergreen and can be easily applied to any market, at any time! I cannot thank the LVDTA Team enough!"
Connor R. - LVDTA Graduate

"I re-watched the episodes this year and apply your teachings successfully, replacing my income from my job until the lockdowns."

Dr. Jan - LVDTA Member
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